Tips to help you reach your fundraising goals!

  1. Have a goal
  • Challenge yourself to hit the next Miracle Milestone
  • Raise $110 to be invited to OwlThon.
  1. Donor Drive
  • Customize your fundraising page.
  • Include a picture.
    • Last year’s reveal
    • Picture from a previous OwlThon
    • Your team’s miracle child
  • Include your WHY!
  • Talk about how our money helps the kids at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital!
  • Add the link to find more information
  • Ask for people to join you and help you reach your goal
  • Save your Donor Drive link in your notes so you can easily access it
  • Customize your Donor Drive Link
    • ( Ex. events.dancemarathon/participant/FirstName_LastName)
  1. Be vulnerable
  • Make people feel empowered and inspired
  • Step outside your comfort zone
  • Ask friends, family members, teachers, and co-workers to help you reach your goal
  • Not everyone will donate, and that is ok! The important thing is that we spread awareness
  1. Texting
  • Text 10 friends/family members asking for a $1-5 donation
  1. Sell old things
  • Sell old organization merch for big/lil or to new members
  • Instead of Venmo, have your friends pay you back on your Donor Drive!
  • Plato’s closet/ Poshmark
  • Sell old textbooks
  1. Incentives
  • “If I raise $500, I will..”
  • “For each donation I receive, the donor can choose from this list for me to do”
  • Make challenges with your friends who go to another school with a Dance Marathon program
  • Donate $1 for each question you got wrong on an exam
  • Post an embarrassing picture of yourself for every $5 donation you receive
  • Shave your head
  • Wear a costume in public
  • Sing out loud on campus
  • Have a bake sale in the Breezeway
  • Offer to swipe people into the Cafe for a donation
  • Donate $1 every time you lose an item (phone/wallet/keys)
  • Donate $1 every time you skip working out
  • Donate $1 every time you’re late to class
  1. Start a Change Jar
  • You can always find change on the ground
  • Donate loose change you get from paying with cash
  • Ask your employer if you can start a donation jar  
  1. Chores  
  • Mow your neighbor’s lawn
  • Wash cars
  • Babysit
  • Dog/cat sit
  • Clean your friends’ rooms for a donation
  1. Personal letters
  • Handwrite a letter to make it more personal
  • Ask for donations as a gift around the holidays or your birthday
  • Provide an envelope and stamp for them to mail their donation to you
  • Personal emails
  • Ask family or friends to send out an email on your behalf to friends or co-workers
  • Follow up with a phone call
  • Keep it short and simple
  • Use color and bold to emphasize important information
  1. Social media
  • Post Donor Drive Link in your bio
  • Post your Donor Drive on Facebook/Twitter Etc.
  • Tag your family members in your post so their friends also see the post
  • Give shoutouts to people who have donated
  • Ask your parents to post your donor drive link on their Facebook pages
  • Tweet at celebrities
  • Share your WHY! To make it more personal
  1. Join together
  • Organization/Team Bake sale
  • Car wash
  • Lemonade stand
  • Have your team host a giveback night for OwlThon
  • Ask your organization to host a dress down chapter and donate to your teams fundraising page
  1. Use your talents
  • Make personalized items and sell them (t-shirts, buttons, bracelets)
  • Photography
  • Paint
  • Sing
  • Dance
  • Tutor
  1. Miscellaneous
  • Sponsor a RT on twitter (ex: Donate .10 for every RT, .25 for every Favorite)
  • Donate one night of your tips at work
  • Give up 1 Starbucks coffee a week
  • Go Door to Door
  • Make an announcement in class or email your class on Canvas
  1. Use some math
  • Think about your goal and divide it by 5
  • That # is how many people you can ask for a $5 donation
  • EX: goal =$110
  • 110/5=22
    That’s only 22 friends who donate $5!!