Do you love OwlThon? Are you looking to get more involved in our program? If you answered yes to these questions, than our captain program is for you. Captains work side by side each member of the OwlThon Executive Board, ensuring the success of our organization! Applications for our captain program for Spring 2021 can be found, here.

We’re thrilled to welcome the newest additions to our internal teams! Congratulations to our OwlThon 2021 Captains. We can’t wait to make miracles as a family this year and are looking forward to expanding our family again soon.

Kaitlyn Gorczyca- Morale Captain

Sarah Green- Morale Captain 

Samantha Morriss- Morale Captain

Alison Santi- Morale Captain

Juan Perez- Morale Captain 

Melissa Gomez- Morale Captain

Mika Schiller- Morale Captain 

Caroline Coffey- Morale Captain

Tomas Gonzalez- Morale Captain

Vanessa Parsons- Morale Captain 

Gracie Wipfli- Morale Captain

Katie Calhoun- Morale Captain 

Bryce Clark- Morale Captain

Nikki Ricciotti- Morale Captain

Alexa Persing- Morale Captain 

Cindy Alonso- Morale Captain

Emily Shecter- Morale Captain 

Samantha Shuman- Morale Captain

Kylee Slaughter- Membership Captain 

Allison Price- External Events Captain 

Brianna Richards- Merchandise Captain

Chad Johnson- Finance Captain

Bella Langhorst- Finance Captain 

Annalyse Botte- Operations Captain 

Lindsey Ulbricht- Operations Captain

Mariana Vallejo- Hospitality Captain 

Nicholette Parimeros- Hospitality Captain 

Taleen Ramzy- Hospitality Captain 

Grace T Chrupcala- High Schools Captain

Maria Avila- High Schools Captain

Alejandra Bedoya- Family Relations Captain

Paige McCall- Family Relations Captain 

Jaimeria Spears- Marketing and Publicity Captain 

Ally Rudis- Marketing and Publicity Captain